Hi, my name is Mark Collard.

I'd like to tell you about my BRAND
NEW activity book called...

_COUNT ME IN: Large Group
___Activities That Work

'Count Me In' features hundreds of sure-fire, high-energy, interactive, leave-them-wanting-for-more activities for BIG (and small) groups.

If you regularly work with numbers in excess of 30 people - indeed, up to several hundred people - you will learn a ton of brilliant ideas that will keep them - ALL of them - occupied and interacting at the same time, and coming back for more.

You'll also learn some of the most useful and practical leadership tips that will squeeze more than just fun out of your programs and make you look like an expert.

To make it easy for you, more than half of the activities contained in 'Count Me In' can be played right NOW - because they require no equipment whatsoever. It's the perfect companion to 'No Props: Great Games with No Equipment.'

Here's a sneak preview of what's inside 'Count Me In:'

'Count Me In' is just the trick to keep 30, 50 or hundreds of
people occupied, having fun and active at the same time.

All up, 260 pages of the most contagiously-fun, interactive
group games that I know and have used successfully all over
the world for more than 20 years.

These ice-breakers, energisers, interactive games and team
events work because people love 'em. I guarantee that you
will too.

And you can be reading 'Count Me In' in less than 2 minutes
from now - simply hit the ORDER NOW link below.

No book or resource is worth its price unless it gives you OUTSTANDING VALUE - which is why I offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You'll either love the ideas, activities and advice in this book, or you'll get your money back - simple as that.

At AUD$77 AUD$54 (which includes postage anywhere in Australia), it's worth every cent. That's less than 18 cents for every idea and activity described within its 260 fun-filled pages.

A more powerful question to ask is:
How much is a good idea worth to you?

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

That's about as fair as it gets, right? But, don't just take my word for it. Take a look at the following customer testimonials, or click here for dozens more like them.
Are You Looking For A Collection Of
The Most Successful Ice-Breakers, Energisers,
Interactive Games & Team Events
That Work With LARGE Groups?
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'Count Me In' Is Jam-Packed
With 100's of Simple, Interactive Games That
Will Quickly & Easily "Break The Ice"
& Energise Your Group!
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You could be reading 'Count Me In' in less than 2 minutes...
So, What's An Extraordinary
Resource Like 'Count Me In' Worth?
Hey, you're my customer. And if you're not happy, then it looks
bad on me. So, if you're not satisfied with what you discover
from 'Count Me In: Large Group Activities That Work' then
I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money.
Just simply whip off an email to me, return the book in the
post and I'll happily refund your money in full.
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This bonus will give you an MASSIVE $16 discount on the purchase price of my best-selling activity publication 'No Props: Great Games with No Equipment.' It has been the top-selling adventure education title for several years, and it's yours for a CRAZY $33 - that's 2/3 the price!

This is what you'll discover inside 'No Props'...

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One Hour 'Expert' Consultation with me

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And finally...

'Count Me In' Chapter One ebook

This bonus is all about getting 'Count Me In' into your hands as soon as possible - and it's only available to people who order online.

I've designed a special 28 page ebook (pdf doc) which features the first sections of 'Count Me In' so you can start reading my book within minutes of ordering online. In the meantime, the actual soft-cover book will be winging its way to you via the post.

But, they're yours FREE if you choose to purchase 'Count Me In' right now.

For a low AUD$70 AUD$54 (inc postage anywhere in Australia), you're getting hundreds of brilliant activities and ideas that are specifically designed for large (and small) groups ... PLUS, A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Now, you can ONLY get this book at this low, low price from
me (RRP AUD$70 elsewhere). It's not available in libraries or
your favourite bookstores, and all of my distributors sell it for
a whole lot more.

Just imagine ... how good it would be to start using a bunch
of proven, fun activity ideas in your next program?

Wishing you every program success.


Mark Collard
International Group Facilitator
Author of top-selling 'No Props' & 'Count Me In' activity books

PS: Don't forget, you're getting
AUD$126 worth of FREE bonuses, and you'll be able to start reading 'Count Me In' within 2 minutes. It will give you everything you need to help you deliver brilliant programs with groups of all sizes. Order Now!

PPS: Got questions? Check out the comprehenisve FAQ page.
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More than 300 of the MOST SUCCESSFUL GROUP GAMES, ice-breakers and team building exercises that I know which require absolutely no equipment, and have universal appeal (that is, they'll work with pretty much any group);
Thirteen simple, yet ESSENTIAL TIPS which will help you become an outstanding group facilitator, and have your group eating out of your hands; and;
My SECRET WEAPON (that is just four words) for delivering a brilliant program everytime!
'No Props' is the perfect companion to 'Count Me In' - together, you will have a veritable treasure chest of awesome programming ideas.
Buy 'Count Me In' TODAY - and get 'No Props' for $16 discount!
MORE THAN 300 ice-breakers, energisers, interactive games and team events that are designed specifically to work with large groups of people (indeed, almost all of them work with small groups too).
More than half of the activities require no equipment whatsoever, and appeal to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.
Illustrations which capture the essence of every activity which will help you easily 'see' it and recreate its magic.
Dozens of fun, innovative ways to split your large group into smaller groups.
Eleven ESSENTIAL, PRACTICAL TIPS for working effectively with large groups that will help you create a fun learning environment and foster surprising levels of participation.
REVEALED! The FIVE KEY INGREDIENTS that will positively impact your program everytime, and invite everyone to 'play.'
Phew, That's Some
List Of Extra Bonuses!
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You could be reading 'Count Me In' in less than 2 minutes...
You could be reading 'Count Me In' in less than 2 minutes...