'Advanced Facilitation Skills' is an intensive, experiential hands-on
workshop which provides an opportunity for experienced educators and
facilitators to co-facilitate a 2 hour session of the two-day program,
and receive insightful and valuable feedback from their peers designed
to strengthen their leadership skills. Emphasis is on the development
and refinement of key facilitation skills including processing techniques.

This innovative program will be lead by Mark Collard, one of Australia's
leading adventure educators, international Project Adventure facilitator
and author of the popular 'No Props' and 'Count Me In' activity books.

To maintain a professional and safe learning environment, the program will reflect Project Adventure's highly successful programming model and philosophies.

The program is designed specifically for experienced practitioners who work with groups - teachers, corporate trainers, outdoor educators and recreation staff - and want their students, staff and colleagues to interact, build team skills and have fun.

At a glance, this two-day (often times residential) workshop will:

The program is GUARANTEED to be TONS of fun, but importantly, will be THE MOST rewarding Professional Development workshop you will have ever participated in.

Workshop Format

The two-days starts at 9am on first day and ends 5pm on second day. Emphasis on hands-on learning, where you will be invited to lead a series of experiential-based activities with a "co-facilitator" in which your workshop colleagues will be the participants. Ample opportunities will be afforded during formal group discussions to explore critical program design and facilitation skills.

You will be given a comprehensive 25 page training reference manual during the workshop. Upon successful completion of the workshop, you will also receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Who Should Attend?

This is an advanced practitioner workshop. It is specifically designed for experienced programming practitioners, with at least 1-2 years group facilitation experience. Attendance at both days is required.

What To Bring?

Participants should wear comfortable clothes and sturdy footwear. Hat, sunscreen, and wet weather gear are recommended. Note paper and pens are also strongly recommended.

Participants are encouraged to bring any props and equipment with them which they may choose to use in the delivery of their program.

Extensive preparation materials will be forwarded in advance of the workshop to adequately equip participants and to allow them to make the most of this unique workshop experience.


Any location that can provide exclusive access to a comfortable indoor hall, and access to a whiteboard / flip-chart paper. Other than chairs for the participants, all other equipment is provided by Mark.


Varies depending on the location of the workshop venue, the number of people participating and Mark's availability.

Contact Mark to discuss your needs and obtain a formal quote.
Advanced Facilitation Skills
Mastering Group Facilitation

An intensive Professional Development Workshop for
Teachers, Outdoor Educators & Recreation Staff

Design, deliver and process a unique group experience to
demonstrate your programming & facilitation skills
Give & receive structured and insightful feedback about critical
"hard" and "soft" facilitation skills
Explore a wide-variety of program design issues including needs
assessment and evaluation
Thoroughly examine the fundamentals of facilitation and effective
processing skills
Interact and network with other experienced educators
Hi, my name is Mark Collard and I invite you to register for my innovative Advanced Leadership Skills workshop...
Provide you with a unique opportunity to plan, lead and process a short experiential-based program with a co-facilitator;
Under the professional guidance of Mark Collard, give and receive insightful, purposeful and professional feedback in regards exemplary programming and facilitation skills;
Explore and refine your unique facilitation skills and style;
Thoroughly explore key programming philosophies, such as Challenge by Choice, Sequencing, FUNN, the Experiential Learning Cycle and the Full Value Contract;
Explore a wide-variety of program design issues including needs assessment and evaluations;
Examine the fundamentals of facilitation skills and effective processing techniques; and
Invite you to create, participate and examine a safe learning environment, in which participants will be empowered to learn from one another.
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